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EATask Force

Nutrition Group The EAT (Eating & Activity Task) Force is a campus-wide task force which aims to minimize the main nutrition-related health problems on campus (eating disorders, disordered eating, overweight/obesity, size prejudice, and poor nutrient intake). The EA Task Force has a diverse membership including representatives from the Ashe Center, Student Psychological Services, UCLA Recreation, Student Development Health Education, Center for Women and Men, Dining Services, Office of Residential Life, ASUCLA, and several students. The task force collaboratively develops, reviews, and promotes programs, services, and activities that help students eat well, be active, and feel good about their bodies.

SDHE also partners and collaborates with UCLA students and other campus colleagues to support relevant research projects. For example:

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Nutrition Group








For more information regarding this program, please contact:
Eve Lahijani MS, RD
Nutrition Health Educator
UCLA Bruin Resource Center
220 Westwood Plaza (SAC Building) #B44
Los Angeles, CA 90095