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Greetings. Please note that all academic courses will be in hibernation during winter quarter. We hope to see you in the spring! Please check back! 

Courses that are on hiatus during winter quarter include: 

  • CHS 179 - Life Skills for College Students
  • CHS 91 - Peer Health Training 
  • CHS 195 -- Independent Study 
  • CHS 19 - Fiat Lux Courses including...
    • Cosmo Says You're Fat, I Ain't Down with That
    • Boots to Bruins 
  • CHS 60 - Intergroup Dialogue 
  • CHS 160: Intergroup Facilitator Training 

Community Health Sciences 179:
Life Skills for College Men & Women

"This class was a brilliant idea...It has been my most enjoyable and rewarding class at UCLA so far, and it will most likely be the best one I take here."

2003 LS Student

Life Skills for College Women & Men

CHS 179: Life Skills for College Women & Men provides UCLA undergraduate students with an opportunity to participate in a unique academic experience. The course goals are twofold: to advance students' knowledge of theory and research on development, as well as the developmental tasks and challenges confronting contemporary college students; and to develop students' ability to apply theory and research in forming an individualized plan for successfully navigating and coping with the developmental challenges of college and beyond. 

Academic Course CHS 179 Join Today Course topics include developing a healthy adult identity in multiple domains including gender, racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation; negotiating changing relationships with family, peers, romantic partners, and others; learning and working with the “other”, those different from the self; managing emotions and distress in a non-destructive manner; coping with change and loss; and health and wellness self-management.

The class is taught using a seminar approach that encourages student-to-student interaction as well as offering many opportunities for experiential learning.

Click here to view the course syllabus:

***Extra Credit offerings for Fall 2010 ***

Life Skills for College Women & Men is offered quarterly. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive 4 units of upper-division credit toward graduation.

To enroll, please visit the URSA website and look for Life Skills for College Women & Men under the Community Health Sciences heading.

For more information, please contact:
Vanessa Luke

Life Skills Program Coordinator
Ph: (310) 825-4730
FAX: (310) 267-2053