Mission and Goals

Our Vision

Student Development Health Education (SDHE) works to create a supportive community that optimizes lifelong health, development, and success of all members.

Our MissionMission Pict

SDHE promotes lifelong learning, wellbeing and development of the whole person.  Weprovide opportunities for students to develop life skills to succeed, academically and to their full potential.  We focus on healthy self-management, identity integration, effective relationships, cognitive complexity, and citizenship in a global community.  We work collaboratively to cultivate a supportive environment that engages and connects students with the campus community through courses, programs, and mentoring.  Our work is guided by theory, research and ongoing assessment, as well as the value we place on integrity, life balance, innovation, and respect for human differences.

Our Learning Outcomes—They’re What We Strive For!

SDHE aims to create programs and services that will enable students to…

  • Develop and use healthy strategies to enhance wellbeing, cultivate positive emotions, reduce distress, and create balance in life.
  • Develop understanding of the process of identity formation and its effects on wellbeing.
  • Progress toward integration of multiple components of identity (e.g., race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status) in support of a secure sense of self.
  • Use understanding of identity in defining and pursuing life purpose, meaning, and values.
  • Develop communication skills in order to foster healthy relationships and address conflict.
  • Develop understanding of the value of a diverse, pluralistic society.
  • Enhance their capacity to contribute to society in local and global contexts.
  • Develop the ability to analyze and integrate knowledge from diverse perspectives to inform views, ideas, values and decision-making.

Who May Use Us

All registered UCLA students are eligible to use Health Education services at no charge.



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Current Happenings....

As of April 22, 2013...
UCLA Is Now A Smoke & Tobacco-FREE Campus!

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